Project: Campus-wide Comprehensive Energy Analysis
Project Cost: $17.2 million (includes all energy efficiency measures and cogeneration expansion project)
Annual Energy Savings: $2.1 Million
Annual O&M Savings: $300,000
Utility Incentive: $172,903





Montclair State University

Montclair State University ("MSU") recognized the need to seek alternative methods to reduce utility costs and make infrastructure improvements to its facilities. Metro Energy was tasked with completing a comprehensive energy assessment of all MSU facilities, including the cogeneration plant.

The intent of the comprehensive energy assessment was to include all potential energy efficient measures that could be identified throughout the campus and explore the potential of a central chilled water plant for the lower part of the campus. In addition Metro Energy prepared an analysis to expand on the cogeneration plant based upon future campus development and energy load requirements. The energy facility assessment included a financial analysis outlining the cost to install the identified measures, the energy calculations, the utility incentives and a financing option to pay for the installation of the measures in a period of time, not to exceed ten (10) years.

The Project Team identified more than 200 energy conservation measures. In addition to the energy conservation measures, there was an opportunity to expand the cogeneration plant to meet future loads as well as to install a central chiller plant for the lower campus.

Metro Energy identified energy conservation measures that will generate more than $2 million annually in energy and operational cost savings.

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