Project: Lighting Retrofit Project
kW Saved: 14.095
kWh Saved: 80,618
Annual Energy Cost Savings: $12,007
Project Cost: $30,360



Peter Sharp and Company, a real estate management and sales company, contracted Metro Energy Solutions to investigate ways to increase the light levels and reduce their maintenance costs of the exterior lighting for their 450 Park Avenue and 980 Madison Avenue, NYC facilities while reducing energy demands and saving money.

Metro Energy Solutions conducted a lighting audit of the exterior of the facilities. During the site visit Metro Energy identified several alternatives and test fixtures were installed. To ensure Peter Sharp and Company's tenants would be pleased with the retrofit the tenants were able to evaluate the test installation.

At 450 Park Avenue, Metro Energy Solutions replaced (59) 300-watt PAR 56 wall-mounted fixtures on the exterior of the building, with (59) new 70-watt Metal Halide outdoor fixtures. The new fixtures reduced electric consumption by 69% per fixture, increased light levels, and most importantly, reduced maintenance costs by approximately 55%.

At 980 Madison Avenue, Metro Energy installed 2 new Designer Spotlight fixtures using 100-watt, color-corrected Metal Halide PAR 38 lamps and replaced the existing electrical wiring with new. In addition, a new fully automatic, digital time-clock was installed to provide significantly better lighting control.