Project: Lighting Retrofit Project
kW Saved: 53.58
kWh Saved: 247,782
Annual Energy Savings: $28,400
Utility Incentive: $18,375
Project Cost: $43,500
The new fixtures offer many improvements over the old HID fixtures, including superior quality light, significantly more light on the racks and on the floor, significantly reduced energy consumption, instant restrike capability and less heat.  In addition, the motion sensor will allow Well Luck to save energy by reducing light output when various areas of the facility are not being used, as opposed to having the lights burn at full output in unoccupied areas.

The greatest amount of energy savings was derived from the installation of the new T5 fluorescent fixtures in place of the old HID lamps.  The existing HID fixtures consume 455 watts each.  The new T5 fixtures consume 234 watts each, for a savings of 221 watts per fixture.  The motion sensors are further reducing the energy consumption by reducing the amount of lamps that are on when an area is unoccupied.  Our energy savings analysis was based on the warehouse and refrigerated areas operating 4,500 hours per year, while the office areas are operating approximately 3,000 hours per year. Well Luck Foods is currently saving over $28,400 per year in energy costs.

In addition, currently PSE&G commercial customers are eligible for rebates for the installation of certain energy efficient equipment.  The warehouse lighting at Well Luck Foods qualified for a rebate for each motion sensor, and T5 fixture, for a total rebate of $18,375.